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I am in my third-beekeeping spring with two hives - ecstatic that they survived the winter. Uncovered just two weeks ago and the hives are brewing. Checked on them again today, many bees - more than I was expecting really. Was going to try and split the hives, but the bees had other plans today.:pinch:
One hive was particularly honory the guards stung me several times so I just added a second super to both and left. I want to go back and try to checkerboard the top boxes tomorrow or in a few days, rain is forecast have to wait a few days now.

There is so much pollen right now that it's covering everything - cars, windows, everywhere! No nectar yet. Dewberrys are blooming, and a few other random plants. Mostly tree pollen here, woods.

Two springs ago 2012 I bought two hives and kept them going through the summer and fall only to loose them in early Spring. Devastating. Did everything I could to baby these hives and so far so good.

Anyhow, glad to be here. Learning as I go and loving it.
Elaine in East Texas.
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