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Hello from Duvall, WA

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I'm a new beekeeper - having introduced my first bees to my new hive on 16 April. So far they seem to be doing well.

I live on a hobby farm in Duvall, Washington, which is about 35 min Northeast of Seattle. Other hobbies include vegtable gardening and beer making. And I usually go off on a dog sled trip once a year too.

So far the bees seem to be doing great. I've been checking their sugar syrup daily, and opened the hive only once so far to take out the queen cage. I'm looking forward to my first real exploration next weekend, where I hope to see some larvae.

Folks here have been great, on the forums and in the chat. I really appreciate the guidance!
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Welcome, they should be gathering their own sugar soon.
Welcome SledDog,
I’m north of ya, up in Ferndale.
Your Bees will build up quick when the Blackberry flow starts, have that second hive body/frames ready.
You will learn many things at this site.

Thanks All

I'm ready Jim - I have a second deep and 2 westerns standing by!
Hi Sled, I'm 2 hours south of you in Battle Ground. Good luck and have fun.
hey sled dog out on the coast. enjoy your new addiction i mean hobby.
im a little south of jim and way north of you !!!!! but the seasons are about the same

anyhow welcome to the "club" best info site you can buy..... for free!!!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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