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After keeping bees with my father many years ago as a child, my wife and I returned to beekeeping this year with two homemade top-bar hives (hTBH), set under a small group of hardwood shade trees, in the middle of a hillside pasture, on our 14 acres of land in the mountains of northwest Georgia.

The hives are generally based on the "Barefoot" design, but simplified. They sit on cinder blocks. The wood came entirely from lumber that has been sitting outdoors literally for decades. The roofs are simply flat wood panels.

Installation of two packages was uneventful.

"This time," I've decided more-or-less to be minimalist: the only pieces of "beekeeping equipment" are a veil to go over my straw hat, and a bee brush. Installation was done with shorts, a long-sleeved T-shirt and disposable rubber gloves. No bulletproof suit. No smoker... a spray bottle of water with peppermint oil mixed in.
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