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Hello From Carson, Mississippi

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Just to say that I am new to this forum and a BIG Hello to all of you on this forum.

Take Care: :)
Carson, MS
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I have some cordavans I got from Chris McCary at Buckatanna. They are gentle and build up good but not very mite resistant.

I am grafting from a cpl of purvis brothers queens this spring. Plan to use VSH or MN Hyg next year.


If I can ask you what did you have to pay for the Cordovan Bees from McCary from Buckatanna, MS? Also I am new on all of this. Also what is VSH? and MN Hyg?. I order a Good Book from, The name of the Book is call Beekeeping FOR DUMMIES. It come in the mail today and I can't not stop reading the book.....:thumbsup:
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