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Hello from Brewer, Missouri!

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Hello all! Wow what a find! A resource like this and I haven't happened across it till now..what!?! LOL:lookout:

I'm Travis and I have lived in Brewer for 2 yrs. Its a small community about 6 miles from the local town of Perryville located guessed it....Perry County, MO. Prior to that I lived 9 yrs about 50 miles South in a town called Scott City.

I am a transplant from the state of Florida. There my parents have an 80 acre plot of ground that allowed for the keeping of bees. Dad had a swarm stop off at his work and a fellow workmate helped him get started with beekeeping in the mid 90's. Bees were around since. When I moved to Missouri, I had a swarm move into a trailer tongue and chased them out and hived them. This started my personal experience.

It seems that bees were easier to manage (can I really say "keep" as they work 24/7 and I just try to guide them in the direction that I wish them to go! LOL) in FL. Since the housing of my "tongue" bees, I have had a rough going of getting a hive to take. I say hive as when I checked to local laws in Scott City, MO it stated 1 sentence! "No person shall keep or attempt to keep honeybees within city limits."

I kept the 1 hive anyway, and after about 3 yrs of trying to get it to take, I finally did and actually got honey from it then we moved to Brewer. Since moving I am back at getting my hive to take. I live on 5 acres now and I am hoping to end up with 3-5 hives.

I look forward to using this forum to help achieve that goal! Thanks BeeSource!

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Welcome. New keeper myself as well as a transplant from colorado to tulsa ok.. alot of GOOD info and people in here, good luck and again WELCOME. Jim
Welcome!! I'm always glad to see another Missourian here!
Welcome to the forum. I grew up in Nixa and lived in Poplar Bluff from 2005 to 2007 before moving to Colorado. Great area you live in. In the late '70s - early '80s, I got started when a swarm stopped at my mother's house. I am getting back by building a TBH and, hopefully, getting a local swarm.

Welcome, there are a few places where you need to camoflage the hive. I am glad it did not stop you from beekeeping. I have seen some creative concealment for stealth beekeeping.
You're in the middle of several groups of beekeepers. Here's a link to the state web-site, and a list of the local associations.

I know it's kind of a long drive, but attending the local clubs is the best way to meet other beekeepers and share information and ask questions. (And this forum is also pretty good!)

The state association is hosting the Fall meeting, October 22/23 in Cape Girardeau. Lots of good talks, lots of vendors.

Jackson, MO
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