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Hi all, my name is Wayne Kinne and I am a 1st year Bee keeper. I bought two used hives at a rumage sale in May of his year, my 1st step. But with no Bes in them something seemed missing :doh:

So my wife and I went for a walk through the woods to see if we could find a hive to rob. While looking in the trees for a nest I noticed what I at first thought to be a Bee's nest, but looking closer noticed it was alive! I had never seen a swarm before in my life except on TV, I went home and typed in "Swarming Huney Bees" on youtube and it looked too easy! I grabed one of the large plastic Pet Caskets we make and headed back into the woods (with saw in hand). I feel very fortunate to have actually caught my first hive of Bees!

I have since bought another hive full of Bees but soon noticed there is no larva in the new hive:cry: So I have a new Queen coming from Wilbanks Friday.

I have also built a Bee Vacuum, a very big one. We (my freind Dan and I) have already removed a hive from an old pop-up camper and have been stealing Bees from a block foundation from a friends old house.

This has been so much fun I can't believe I waited until I am 53 years old to do this! My friend Dan needs more Bees to strenthen one of his hives so if you are in Michigan and know where we can suck up some bees please let me know.

Thanks all for the great info on this forum!:thumbsup:
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