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Hello from Arkansas

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Hi, I live in NW Arkansas and I'm considering getting some bees as a hobby and to pollonate my garden. I've read a couple of books (one a very basic beginners book) and want to learn what to do and not to do before I decide if this is really for me. I have attending one meeting of the Northwest Arkansas Beekeepers' Association and will probably join. I am looking for a mentor in the Pea Ridge Arkansas area to learn even more. Any other suggestions on where to begin are welcome.
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Good luck on learning what to do and what not to do BEFORE you start:) I have been keeping bees almost my entire life and still am learning that, although learning all you can before starting is a great idea. The best thing in my opinion that you can do is stick your head off in a hive (while accompanied by an experienced beekeeper) and see if you are absolutely fascinated or not. If you are, then by all means get some bees, and the learning will begin. I wish you the best of luck.
Welcome, as soon as you know bees are for you, get them! Overwintering will be a challenge but getting bees in the Spring when everyone else wants some too may be a greater challenge.
Thanks for responding. I have added your two sites to my favorites.
I have not looked at your web pages much, but do you have Web siminars?
I have not done more than the local workshops and web pages due to my full-time job.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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