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Good Evening! We have three hives in the Fort Smith River Valley of western Arkansas. We started with one hive last year, lost it to pesticide poisoning. Was able to beg and plead with supplier to get another package. They were doing great, then got robbed while we were out of town, and the girls decided to abscond. One of the great guys from the local beekeepers association started a nuc for us from a very strong feral hive the association removed from the local Channel 5 news building. Got those girls through the winter, they are going super strong. Purchased two nucs from a breeder in NWA and set them up three weeks ago. They seem to be coming along fairly well so far.

We learn something new and fascinating every day about these terrific insects. Have gotten several others interested in beekeeping when they have heard my children or myself talking about our bees.

Have come here many times searching for answers and thought we'd better register.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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