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Hello everyone I am brand new to the Bee community.

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I am a newbie and came here to learn as much as I can. Hopefully this forum helps me get to where I need to bee to be a great Bee Man. I cant wait to start learning from all you guys and gals.

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Welcome to the forum Josh, from an Ohio new bee as well. This is my first year and I am loving it. Hope you enjoy your new hobby.

Welcome...lots of newbees here, you'll learn much.
Welcome. You'll learn a lot here, mainly that there are a dozen ways to do even the simplest thing, but only 12 absolutely right ways to do it.

Instead of greatness, set your sights on being a good Bee Man. Your chances of success increase and you will have achieved more than most that try beekeeping.

Enjoy the hobby.

Welcome: greatness id a good goal. Just don't expect to achieve it in this lifetime. But always strive for it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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