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Hello Everybody

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Hi everybody, I'm a hobby beekeeper with 4 hives located just south of Daytona Beach Florida. Been a beekeeper for about 15 years and have been able to resist the temptation to expand my beeyard beyond what I can take care of on a weekend. Just pulled 25 gallons off the hives using an old Kelly hand cranked extractor, lots of work but well worth it. This looks to be a great site with lots of information.
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hi, welcome to the is a great site. You will find a wealth of info
I am just getting started with Beekeeping. I live in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas and I'm looking for a Beekeepers supply store that I can go to and get what I need to get started along with any advice I can get.

I'm also trying to find some existing beehives for sale!

I'm a newbie and would appreciate any advice anyone would send my way

Welcome BB! Sorry for the delayed welcome. i just flew in from teaching queen rearing and general beekeeping in Jamaica.
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