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Hello, any beekeepers in Arizona?

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Hello everyone!
My wife and I just moved off grid to Seligman Arizona. We want to get involved in beekeeping but the closest club in Arizona is over 2 hours away. Anyone in NW Arizona?
Any suggestions on what to do in my situation?
Finally, is it better to wait until spring to place a hive on our land or do we still have time now?

Thanks in advance. From what I have read so far this seems like a fantastic forum for info.

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Hi Jim and welcome! First, you don't necessarily need to join a club. I know several beeks that aren't in a club, just not their thing, although it is very helpful to talk to locals about your bloom times and what to expect in your local environment as a newbie. You might be surprised how many beekeepers you might find within a few miles from you. I can drive around the rural roads around here and spot a hive next to the woods, etc. Local farmers markets have locals selling honey, chat them up. Bee people love to talk about bees. Second, and this is just my opinion, it's kind of late in the season to start up a hive, unless of course you are transporting a hive to your location already outfitted with bees and stores. I'm not in your local area so things might be different where you are. Hopefully someone in your area will respond. :)
Welcome to Beesource!

It is unlikely that you would be able to purchase 'package' bees at this time of the year, and while a 'nuc' may be available, as noted above, an already established hive would likely be a better choice this late in the season.

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Welcome from NE Kansas Jim!
Thank you for the welcomes and suggestions!
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