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Good day from the Down Under from Honeyhunters!

Our honey extractor plant was destroyed in a fire in 2012. My husband and I are rebuilding the business from ground zero. We bought a "CooknBeal" honey extraction plant including the centrifuge, wax purifier etc from an auction in Sydney last year. We shipped the whole lot from Sydney to Brisbane where we are located.

Everything has been reconnected. First of all, the part warming the honey is leaking. We fixed it by doing a lot of things to it. Second, the pumps seem to be not working because honey cannot be pumped to the separator. My husband contacted CooknBeal to see if we can get some help but without luck.

Are there anyone using the same brand of honey extraction plant here? The machine is quite old though, it is about 30 years old. If you have manual for operation etc. it will help us a big time.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Simon and Ruth
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