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Height of Your Uncapping Tank?

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I am planing to build a stand for my uncapping tank. What height do you prefer the top of the rim to be to work comfortably? I was thinking about kitchen table height. I know someone has built one and said to them selves later, "Boy I wish this thing was little higher!" Or "Maybe lower would have been better".

I am not looking for exact inches if you don't know for sure. Things like "waist high", or some amount above or below that would be great.

Do you stand or do you sit when you uncap? Do you use a bar stool?
All your input will be appreciated in this project.

Pictures of your set up would be greatly appreciated!!!

I think I am going to build it so a bucket will fit under the dump gate and it will have a "holster" for the hot knife and a small attached pole (like an I.V. pole) to keep the cord up and out of the tank.

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Looking in the Dadant catalog, I see that their uncapping tank is 32 inches high. Mine is slightly higher. I'm 6'3" so mine works for me. I see a number of folks who borrow mine have trouble reaching high enough to do their frames. The long and short of it (pun intended) is that you'll need to make it the right height to suit you...and that varies from person to person. And as much time as you're likely to spend at'll pay to get it right.
PS No bar stools here either. I don't think I could do it sitting down.
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