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Heavy rain and less activity at entrance

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We've had 2 days of heavy rain and now its hot and humid here in central Texas. My 2 caught swarms were going in and out of my ten frame single box like crazy. Now they are today just chillin on the porch. Little activity. Did the rain knock off all the pollen? I know rain is good but should I feed these 2 small hives? They have about 7 out of 10 frames almost 2/3 full. I guess what I'm asking is will this perk up in a day or two with no more rain and we're still in springtime here.
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Rain will shutdown the nectar production in the flowers for a day or two. They'll be cranking again tomorrow most likely.
We're a bit drier - by late morning after most rainy days (like today), my hives look like those "machine gun bee bullet" nests so aptly described elsewhere here.
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