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My hives are on several generally undisturbed acres of wildflowers, the exception being a few beginner farmers who have been given permission of the owner to play around with large vegetable gardens. They love the bees and the bees love their gardens and there is good communication for the benefit of all. However, on occasion, the owner sends someone out to mow or offers to let someone hay the wildflower acres.

I believe my bees are interpreting the mowing and haying as a nectar dearth. Two of three hives there show no signs of swarming or supercedure, but all brood rearing comes to a halt in the hives. The foragers are busy, but I'm not seeing any pollen coming in. The milkweed farther down the road and basswood are in bloom and there are other farther fields of undisturbed wildflowers.

Has anyone experienced this phenomenon of a change in their colonies after haying or mowing?
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