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Hauling Out the Drones.

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I witnessed a first today with the hives at the house. With less than an inch of rain in July, were are now in full scale dearth. And today must have been the day they voted to get the freeloaders out of the hives.

As I stood and watched the hives this afternoon, I noticed most were carrying out bees. At first, I thought it was the pallbearers hauling off dead bees. I soon realized that they were hauling out drones. There were drones in front of the hives crawling around on the ground. Dozens were being hauled out by the worker bees. One hive, the drones were coming back in about as fast as they were carrying them away. Their goofy buzz really gets your attention when they come past you.

Season is coming to a close. Winter is not far away.
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