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Has anyone tried this before? Beetle Moat Porch

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I posted this the other day, and I am wondering what people think about it and if they have ever tried it before. Please let me know the pros and cons that you have experienced, or that you would anticipate; positive or negative.

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Interesting to say the least. I run the IPK traps from green beehives. They have #6 mesh. Is that what yours is?
Have you tried these yet?
It is #8 mesh. I will be trying them this season.
Are you going to use cooking oil? If so how are you going to keep it from flooding out and making a miss every where when it rains?
I thought the same thing, so I am making a porch roof on the bottom deep that will hopefully keep it from splattering or flowing over. It would depend on the angle of the rain fall too, so that is a concern. The roof may help to cause the hive beetles to land too; making them have to walk toward the entrance and fall through the guard.
I don't remember the venders name, but there was a vender at the ABF convention in January in Baton Rouge with a product based on the same concept. I remember finding it intriguing and thought it was a cool idea, but as with most IPM ideas, personally, it struck me as more trouble than it was worth.
I don't remember the exact design, I want to say it somehow attached to the front of the hive...I do remember it did have a little flap of some kind to partially obstruct the entrance to discourage them from flying straight into the hive and instead force them to land and "attempt" to walk in.

Good luck with it, keep us posted!

I did some digging around and found the company...

It's there entrance trap on there products page, although their website doesn't do a very good job of displaying it via pictures. However, their video page has a couple of videos on it.
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