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Has anyone painted their plastic deep frames with wax?

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Just wondering if anyone has "painted" their deep plastic frames with wax.

I did today to some black plastic frames. Hopefully when it is time to make splits and I need some frames the bees will take to these a little better.

All I did was put some of last years wax in a slow cooker, added a bit of water and then when melted just painted onto the frames with a foam 4" brush.
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Yes, it does seem to help get them started.
I use a cheap crock pot to melt wax, then I use a foam brush to paint wax on my deep plastic foundation. My bees take it much better than just regular pre wax plastic foundation. Just don't get wax to hot and scorch it.
Tim Adams
yes it helps very much, we add wax to every frame of foundation we use if we can. we have done thousands already this year.
i have done it in the past and the bees do prefer it/draw it faster than plain. i used a cheapie 3" roller to apply and it worked great
Tim Adams described what I do. I use Permadent foundation - without wax when I can get it, with wax if that is the only way I can find it. Regardless I paint my own wax onto the frame.
yep , they work it awesome with a little extra wax installed
same for me 9$ crockpot and a 4" roller, fast ,easy and little mess.
Painting is good, the real secret to getting any foundation drawn is putting it on when bees need more room. If the bees aren't expanding no added wax or black magic will get comb drawn.
In my area the secret to getting plastic drawn out is put it in there NOW. Early May.
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