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20 great venders with a lot of great prices. 1 vender specializing in Top Bar Hives and 2 great classes on doing top bar hives.
The venders there Maxant, Walter Kelly, Dadant, Mann Lake
Gold Star Honeybees (top bar hives) to name a few.
The attendance was 383 registered plus a few walk ins.
35 classes offered in 3 days 6 classes per day
Thursday evening was a gospel band
The 10th birthday was celebrated Friday night with cake, Ice cream,
and a bee quiz show.
Saturday afternoon was the closing, General HAS meeting, and the door prize drawing.
A great meeting of old beekeepers 78 years to just starting 3 months
with some with no bees yet.
The only complaint I heard was not enough time to take more of the classes.
The next meeting of HAS. has not been decided yet.
Thank you HAS / Indiana Beekeepers for the great meeting and the venders

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