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Local feral survivors in eight frame medium boxes.
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I have done it for years various ways, but I think I would buy either an uncapping tank or a double bucket. (every supplier seems to have the uncapping tank. Brushy Mt has the double bucket strainer.) Or try making your own bucket strainer. I'd put some screen wire on the bottom of the bucket and don't use the cloth that comes with it. Or make a double bucket yourself. It's two five gallon buckets. The bottom of one is cut out with a lip left to hold a metal disk that has holes in it. The bottom of this bucket is glued (silicon chalk?) to a lid with a hole the same size in it. This is put on a normal five gallon bucket or one with a honey gate.

Then, yes, I mash it up with my bare hands and let it drain. Be careful if there is wire in the foundation you could cut yourself.

I'm not sure if it would work very well to uncap and drain them because I've seen the bees hold honey in odd position just with the surface tension of the honey. I don't think you'd get much of it out. But I have thought of trying to build a box that would hold ten frames upside down and put this on top of an uncapping tank and let it drain.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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