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Haredeman Apiaries Late and Unresponsive

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I post this as a warning to other beeks, here is my experience with Hardeman Apiaries.

I ordered 2 packages of bees in January and was given a 4/22 ship date on my receipt.

As the date came and went I started calling their phone number, you will notice if you call that it's basically impossible to reach someone. Days, weeks and MONTHS have passed trying to get a date and information from them.

I was called last weekend (June 7/8) and told they would ship on Monday.
It's now Friday and no bees have arrived, I called the post office and they haven't seen them.

I leave for vacation tomorrow and I'm having to scramble to find someone to either take my packages or install them for me.

Unfortunately I paid by check instead of credit card.
I feel that they are not being truthful, have totally failed in their obligation and most likely didn't send the bees till way late in the week...which would mean they'll be sitting in a post office over the weekend somewhere.

A quick forum search reveals they seem to have this "problem" many years. Supposed weather or other events are always to blame.....sure.

Buyer beware, their ad may be posted on many magazines however they are absolutely not dependable.
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