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Hardware Cloth Question

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I'm planning on making a couple of pollen traps and am having no luck finding 7X7 mesh hardware cloth. McMaster Carr offers 6X6 mesh (they only offer even numbers). Would this be suitable (would pollen fall through, or would it clog?) A couple of bee equipment suppliers offered 7 mesh until recently. I called around and they all say they can't find a supplier.

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try Betterbee

Also do google Search on "hardware Cloth" "7 Mesh" and sites pop up.
I got some from Betterbee last year but its not true 7 wire it is 8x7 but that is the only stuff I could find.
I called BetterBee today and they no longer carry it. After all the searching I've done, I think some smart supplier will start carrying it.
I don't think you will find true 7x7. Most manufacturers make 8x8. Look up
Try some of your local hardware stores. They may still have some in stock. But bees can't go through 8 x 8 and it's larger than 7 x 7 so why wouldn't it work?
USCBeeman, I have plenty of 8X8. the 7X7 is used below the 5X5 in the trap to allow the pollen to drop into the collection box. I think the pollen would clog the 8X8 screen and defeat the trap.
It's not just the number of wires per inch, it's also the wire size that matters. You care about the gaps. Find 8x8 in the lightest wire size you can.
8 x 8 and it's larger than 7 x 7 so why wouldn't it work?
8x8 is not larger than 7x7 8x8 has 8 squares per inch and 7x7 has 7 squares per inch so you need the 7 wire so the pollen will fall through some pollen will go through 8x8 but not all.

Last year when I was llking for 7 wire I found some at Kelley bee supply but they wouldnt sell it by the foot only by the roll and I didnt want to spend $315.00 for the hole roll :(
Called Draper Bee Supply in PA and got a roll of 7x7 for $100. Think it was their last roll, so I was lucky.
You'll be hard pressed to find something that is a true 7x7 or what not. Due to the manufacturing process their no way any manufacturer could guarantee "exactly" 7x7 every single inch. Talk to the folks at the Big Boxe Stores they'll verify it for you.
I recently obtained some older, very elaborate pollen traps, they contain several different mesh sizes of hardware cloth. This is steel wire that appears to be woven and then hot dip galvanized. As time permits, I'm disassembling these (the wooden components are no longer functional), to salvage the wire mesh to use when building new pollen traps.

The hardware cloth components of these old traps are still in outstanding condition and when compared to similar contemporary hardware cloth it is easy to see that this older product was produced with an intrinsically much higher standard of quality than anything similar available today - at least that I am familiar with.
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