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Very weird condition. Last week I looked at this hive it was a Med and a High. Bees in the hive. But I noticed when I got to the Med which was on the bottom, there were several frames of freshly capped brood with no attendants. I found a few cells that had a black liquid substance in the bottom. It wasn't stringy.

When I went back 2 days ago there were still some bees in the hive. Think that some were robbers because some of the comb had been destroyed like bees eating through the comb to get the honey. All of the brood in both boxes were now dead. :(

Brought the hive home in it's entirety from BB to OC. Shrink wrapped it and contacted Mike Studer. He is coming by next Thurs to look at the hive and make his determination. :scratch: Hope it isn't AFB. The few other hives still living at this apiary are doing fairly well. This hive was booming a month ago.

Wait, I just thought of something. :doh: I was putting out some DE on the ground around the hives 2 visits or so ago. The wind picked up and blew some of the DE on the bees at the entrance of this hive.. :no: Maybe that's what caused the dead out!!!
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