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Hi All,

My name is Kyle Meinert and I have been a beekeeper for over 15 years. I run ~200 hives over 5 apiaries under the name Real Honey LLC here in north Texas. I recently opened a company last year named Honey Bee Rescue Inc ( to help save bees. I was working as the beekeeper for some larger removal companies and didnt like what they were doing. I support my local honeybee club Trinity Valley Beekeepers and am part of the TBA. I have a lot of experience from getting swarms to stay to care and feeding bees. I run langstroth hives with an improved russianXminesota hygenic queen that has some wild type genetics *most all my bees are rescue bees but I requeen if needed. I have experience in queen rearing and can really help some guys make the leap from hobbiest to FT beekeepers. Also about the company the proceeds go to running the company and the guys that work for me so I dont really make a dime with the exception of a bottle of bourbon here and there. My goal is to get to 400 hives this year and make the "Big" jump. If you have questions want to know about Free State of Texas money for beekeepers hit me up and check out the site!!!

Again I am here to help [email protected] if you want to email me directly. I love to chat about bees and can help where I can as i have dealt with just about everything bees can throw at you. Hope to hear from some folks soon.
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