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greetings from south coast, MA

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Hi All! This is my first year keeping bees, and I am very excited to get started. I've spent the last year going to meetings at my local beekeepers association, and just finished bee school at my local association and one on Cape Cod. I finally feel ready, a little impatient even, as the bees won't be here until May 8th. I was going to start with 2 hives, but am so busy that I had to abort the idea and will start with one. This seems like a great web site! I've just been reading everything and am enjoying all the posts. Will check in after the installation.
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Welcome. I look forward to hearing about your adventure.
two hives are always better for learning than one. :)
I strongly considered two hives. I do have an extra deep I hope to configure into a swarm trap in case one of the neighboring colonies decide to swarm.
I just started with 2 hives and I'm really glad I did. I started them on the same day with pretty much identical equipment 20 feet apart and they are acting quite differently. One hive does everything just like the books say and the other is a burr comb extravaganza. Also, my interference has caused the burr hive to take less sugar (I assume). I leave the well behaved hive alone since they have a handle on things.

Plus if your are as excited about keeping bees as I am one hive won't be enough to contain you. See if you can get another package you won't be sorry. I'm actually getting more packages in a few weeks. I guess I'm addicted.
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