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Greetings from NW Pennsylvania

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Greetings all! My name is Dave Hassinger and I live in Butler PA, about 25 miles North of Pittsburgh PA.

I have been reading about beekeeping for several years now and finally decided to just do it! I am starting out with 8 frame medium equipment and plan to try and incorporate nucs as a major part of my management plan per the ideas of Michael Palmer.

My packages arrive on APR17, so expect questions as time goes on. I plan on trying to document the first year as much as possible via photo, video and writing to try and make this hobby easier and more accessible to those in my immediate area as well as provide my perspective of the process to those who may be interested. Once I get the webpage up, I will post the URL.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing ideas!

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Welcome, and you are starting where beekeeping really took off with L. L. Langstroth.
Hi Dave!

I'm famililar with your area - as a kid we'd go to E. McKeesport to visit my grandparents. I knew when I saw the Butler exit off the turnpike that we were almost there.

Just read one of Michael Palmer's articles in the latest Bee Culture. He posts regularly here as well.

Are you involved with a local beekeeping club? Clubs are great places to find mentors and get connected with local beeks: and Inspectors.htm#
Hi Indypartridge,
Yes, I join two local clubs. I am looking forward to my first meeting on the 6th. :D
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