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Greetings from an Oregon new bee from Africa

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Greetings. I've just returned from 2.5 years in Africa where I had just started a 14 hive apiary with those ever so friendly African bees. Three hives were colonized when I left. But that's as far as I got. Now I want to set up a couple 'more beekeeper friendly' hives here in my flower abundant back yard. I was thinking of doing the Langstroth version. I used the Kenyan top bar system in Ghana.

I am very happy to have found this site and support community.

Janet (aka mama Janet in Africa)
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Welcome Back, I live 2 hours North of you, if you need any help or have questions let me know. You have glorybee bee supply nice and close. One of our club members worked with African bees pollination Sunflowers in Africa for a while he had some good stories. He said not all that different until they get mad....
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