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Green treated lumber on clip pallets???

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Found some nice grean treated 1x4's stored away in shed need to be ripped down. Should i use them for my 3/8" bee space runners on top of the steel ply next to the clips where the hive body sits on. Or just use regular pine & dip them. I know years ago peeps would not use the green treated stuff where water would sit, like the entrance to the pallet.
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from my understanding steelply is used almost exclusively by construction companies building bridges. They use it as concrete forms. Yep I have seen that stuff stupid expensive, but I personally know some beeks that got a good deal on some smaller pieces in Texas down in the Houston area. Stuff is heavy and super durable.

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Where in the lowes store can I find it?
It is used lumber not availible at lowes or any other hardware store. Most beeks bring it back north with them. It is pain in the but to work with tons of rivets to pound out of the holes. Pallets are all made & dipped finished em up monday.
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