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green stuff in cells

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trying to find out what is the green and maroon colored material in a few cells. Is it pollen? Noticed it when I removed the queen cage from a newly installed package. Package was installed 6 days previously.
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Sounds like pollen to me, they have to have it to raise young bees. Jack
Pollen comes in a wide range of colors. Keep watching, you'll be amazed. I saw bees in my hive the other day that had a pollen that looked fluorescent orange.
Sounds like the pollen my bees are bringing in. All sorts of crazy colors right now.
Thanks, I think its pollen too. I've been going solo with the 2 hives so this website is great. MrJeff, my 7 month pregnant wife and daughter picked up our bees at the same farm as you. When she got home she told me how calm the hobo bees were that landed on her. She thought that I wouldn't need any protective gear to install packages. I was nervous and put the gear on anyways. First package went in so smoothly I took off my right hand glove to remove queen cage on the second. Quess where I got stung? Anyways I'll be hitting you guys up for advise going forward.
There were so many people at Anthony's, I probably missed her. That was alot of fun that day. Next time sometime should sell snacks and sodas, they would clean up.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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