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Great August Bee meeting

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Texas Bee Supply had their monthly meeting and it was great 1.5 hour meeting on what to do for August. It was a ton of good information. They have also refined their zoom set up.

Their second monthly magazine is 70 pages of great information including a good article making mead ( for those who are home alone). ;) There is a lot of good information on what to do for August and too many things and a lot of new utubes on what to do.

Give it a look if you are a newer beekeeper and need some ideas or help.


This email did not come thru with the links. See if my link for the Aug meeting works.

July and August magazine are on line at The Texas Bee Supply web page.
Here is the August magazine AUGUST TBS MONTHLY MAGAZINE 70 pages

Recording of August Hive Management Webinar

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it onto our August Tips webinar last night! It was an awesome group! As a reminder, if we were not able to answer your questions feel free to email them to [email protected] and we will answer them as soon as possible.


You can go ahead and register for the September Tips Webinar below! Very soon, we will begin only sending the recording & invite out to those who register, so be sure to register even if you may not be able to make the call!

When: Sep 3, 2020, 6:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
Topic: September Beekeeping Tips

Register in advance here

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


If you were not able to make it on to the call, you can view the August webinar recording here


If you would like to review our July Tips recording, you can view that here


We also mentioned several videos, like how to requeen, how to find a queen, and more. You can view them here:

How to find a queen
Finding the queen…when you can’t find the queen
When a hive is beyond saving
Feeding hives during the summer

You can view all our videos on our website here, or on our YouTube Channel here


A critical element to your hive thriving this summer is treating for mites and feeding syrup, pollen patties, Pro Health, etc.

You can find all of our feed options here and mite treatments here


You can read our FREE new Magazine here:

Note- if using a tablet or smartphone, tap the download symbol and download for a much better viewing experience.
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Glad that you like it.

Not sure how many thousand of hives that Blake has commercially.

Things change across the country but with Blake talking about Texas he deals with the southern half of the country more or less with his presentations. Besides the new magazine which is realty a nice informative, he is putting together some great utubes on different topics in a quick and informative manner. Moving bees all across the country with the flows I am sure that Blake is familiar with most of the country and conditions.

His company, Texas Bee Supply, also has very competitive prices is another positive the way the bee supply companies are being bought out and the prices going up. We have some great informative utubes out there on the web but so many are two or three times longer than the need to be. Blake's are quick and to the point.

I joined because I know the two people that are working with Blake and have the Dayton store near Houston. They have been in the area for years teaching new bee keeping classes and working with the local Bee club. They are good people and know their bee keeping. I had bees in the old days ~1957 thru ~1992 or so but with all the changes in beekeeping I joined the local club and Chari and James helped me get back into beekeeping with all the new problems we have now with Virola and SHB among everything else.

Enjoy it.

I just looked at the Monthly Blogs before typing this and they contain a lot of extra current information for each month. the web site keeps evolving.

If you watch the startup July meeting and the August zoom meeting you can see they are really committed making this a great program. I cannot wait to see what they do for the September meeting the way they are improving each month as they work thru the start up problems. JimD
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