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granulating honey

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My 2006 honey (2nd year of beekeeping) seems to be granulating very quickly. Is it because the foundation was a year older? Or what?
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Foundation age doesn't affect granulation rate...

The main culprit is where the nectar came from. Different flowers produce honey with different sugar compositions. The mixture of flowers that we have in Arkansas makes a honey that almost never granulates, whereas some flowers make a honey that will granulate almost faster than you can get it out of the super. The other culprit, as was mentioned, is temperature. 57 degrees F is the temperature that granulates honey the FASTEST, so stay as far away from that temp as you can, either plus or minus. In other words, either freeze the honey or store it someplace warm, but not in a crawlspace where the temperature fluctuates (cold at night, warm in day), and not in the fridge.
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