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Grafting Problems

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I made a queenless nuc over a month ago. I have grafted larva several times and by the 2nd day the bees have removed it. I have used new queen cups 3 times. I have left the cups in the nuc for a few days before grafting. I only take about 10 minutes to graft before putting the frame in the nuc. I have not used royal jelly to float them in but from my research I haven't seen that that is important. If anyone can help me please do.
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"If anyone can help me please do."
You may have laying workers by now and you have few nurse bees left. Dump every one of these bees about 150' from the hive, then take the bees that make it back to the hive and integrate them into another hive. Set up a new, crowded cell starter with all nurse bees, leave it queenless for 2 hours, then graft some new larvae. When you graft be sure and use very small larvae (6-18 hours old) that are comma shaped. I hope it goes well.
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