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The Hampton Roads Beekeepers will be hosting a seminar in January to train the backyard beekeeper in how to graft larvae into JZBZ cell cups and set up mating nucs. The seminar will be taught by Dr. Sean Kenny, an active contributor to the Beesource forums.

This intermediate seminar is for the backyard beekeeper with 2 or more bee hives, who wants to rear their own queens by grafting larvae. This class teaches the principles of queen rearing and mating nucs that are scaled down from the successful commercial methods so that the proficient backyard beekeeper can raise 5-10 well fed queen cells in a single queenless starter/finisher hive with minimal specialized equipment.

Topics covered will include: Stimulus for queen rearing, Timing of queen rearing, Stock selection, Grafting tools and other equipment, Preparing the colony, Grafting techniques, the Developmental process from egg to queen & Mating nuc setup. Cost for the class is $35 and class size is limited to 35 participants.

For more information and to register, go to

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