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Grabbing eggs while grafting?

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I took a grafting class and the instructor (whom I feel is very capable) pointed out to me that I was grabbing eggs, not larvae and that I should stick with larvae. Now don't get me wrong, I totally trust the instructor, but I'm just curious as to what exactly happens to the egg that makes it less ideal of a candidate. I know it is possible to graft eggs as workers because I practiced grafting from one frame to another before I took the course so that I'd know if I was even capable (was worried about shakes) and the bees capped it like there was nothing going on. That said, even if they do "take", does it make an inferior queen in some way and if so how? I'm going to follow my instructors lead and look for the ones that are a hair bigger with a slight bend or curl to them with some royal jelly in the bottom of the cup, but they "why" has me scratching my head. I guess initially when I was practicing I should have Googled more as to what young larvae looked like vs just eggs, but I thought I was doing well by grafting from the smallest thing I could find. And for full disclosure, I was wearing one these. I only wish my eyes were still good enough to see that well unassisted.
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