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:lpf: I finished working my hives in the country, and then here in the back yard. Came in for some ice water, and checked the forum. Read your post here, and chuckled.... logged off, walked out the back door into the back yard, and there 40' away was my honey locust with a swarm 10' up in it!!! :eek: I grabbed an 8' step ladder, some equipment from the truck I had not yet unloaded, and promptly hived it. It came from my number 2 hive... I might have seen the tail end of the swarm while I was working it, thinking they were taking their usual afternoon orientation flight! I'll give them another 10 min, and go move them to their permanent location.

I'm arguing with myself - reunite them with their parent colony, or, since I'm expanding, simply count it as a new colony. I think I'll count it as a new colony, and see if I can get the parent organized and built back up for some surplus. Life sure does get interesting! :lpf:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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