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Got Caught With My Pants Down

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So, I go out and look at the girls. "Hmm.. lots of activity. Are those bees robbing??" I reduce the entrance and go in the house to get a drink. I come outside and sit to watch. "Hmm...maybe instead those are new workers taking their orientation flight...the are going around in circles. Ahh, isn't that nice?" I go back inside for a few then come back out. The air is filled with bees and the drone is quite noticeable. "What the...?" I watch. The bees are now moving across the alley. I'm still watching. I see some light on the neighbor's fence. I continue watching. The rest follow. "THEY'RE SWARMING!!!!" Yeah, it took a while for the lightbulb to switch on. So, I run around like a chicken with it's head cut off, trying to find something to put them in before they get away. This is the part where I got caught with my pants down, as I have no nucs to hive swarms. Although I have a couple of supers ready to go for the spring flow, I have no extra BBs, inner covers or telescoping covers. :doh:

Finally, after running around in circles trying to figure out what to do for 10 minutes, I decided to grab the minnow bucket to put the bees in. It's got a lid and holes for ventilation! And it's got a handle too! Perfect! I put on my jacket, grab my brush and head to the neighbor's fence. WOW! There are more bees than I had thought. It was every bit the size of a small football. So I brush, they buzz, I brush some more, they buzz some more. Finally, I think I have the queen, even though there are a few stragglers. I put the lid on and put the bucket in the shade and see some bees lite on the lid. I smile. Now, I'm certain I have the queen. So, I proceed to piece together a temporary franken-bottom-board, add a Boardman feeder with 2:1 syrup, then dump the bees in the box. Because I have no extra tops, I swiped an inner cover from another hive and added a bee escape, to close up the top. I plugged up the entrance with grass, then decided I should slide the cover back a smidge for ventilation.

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