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Got a simple question about bees in a house??

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I am new to this so I was wondering when people say they are doing or have done a cut out, does that just mean that they are cutting the wall to get to the bees? Just trying to figure out what the defintion for cut out is.
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Yep! People are sometimes willing to cut you a little $ for gas when pickup a swarm, but someone that has them in their house is almost ALWAYS willing to cut some $$ for getting the bees out of their home. When someone has bees in the wall of their home and hesitates when you tell them the price for cutting them out, they will sometimes say "the pest guy will only charge (insert price here) to spray they" or "I'll just spray them myself" let them know that the bees work hard to maintain the temp inside the hive and if they are dead when the summer heat comes, that wax and honey is going to melt and make one heck of a sticky mess or it could attract other critters. That usually gets them thinking, especially when it's in a wall. I have someone that wants me to do a cut out of a big oak tree. The enterance is about 10 ft up, so the bees are flying above everyones heads. I told them if they are not really bothering anyone, leave them their, it's a nice natural home for them. They mentioned "what about when they swarm?" Told them to call me and I will come pick them up everytime.

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