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Good or Best Way to spot Robbing

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I've been lucky, and correctly diagnosed robbing at times, but today, see something going on with a strong hive. Seems like they are being robbed. My other hives, bees are coming in loaded down with bright yellow pollen, and I don't see that in this hive.

Lots of bees on the front porch, and they are pretty busy fighting off bees. I just bought a couple of robbing frame screens. Going to keep a close eye on things, and maybe I can figure this one out.

It's so hot here, feels like Los Vegas outside and I've been there 4 times, and won't go back. We stay in a "heat danger" index all the time, it seems. Had an unexpected thunderstorm hit yesterday, but only got about 6 drops of rain, lots of thunder, wind, and power got knocked out for about an hour, that was no fun.

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If there are lots of bees trying to get in the entrance and the hive bees are fighting them off it's a pretty good sign of attempted robbing! Put the robber screens on. It doesn't affect the hive and it pretty well curtails the robbers.
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