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A coworker of my wife operates a small gift shop at an area attraction and approached us to ask if he could carry our honey in the shop. Although I had no intentions of doing so, it appears that I have been presented with an opportunity to sell my honey. This is a good thing in my mind, and I plan to take some small steps into this aspect of beekeeping to see where it takes me. If it works well, I will keep it up.

Based on the buying patterns and habits of guests (I have access to number of visits, buying preference and average spending per guest data), both 2 oz and 8 oz plastic squeeze top containers (no glass) would be the best way to offer the honey for sale. Paneled honeybears seem to be a natural choice, but the classic design would also work well in the gift shop setting.

Can anyone recommend a good source of these smaller containers? There do seem to be quite a few options. For now, I am thinking about lots of 100-200. I realize that "good" is a subjective term, and means different things to different people, but any experience that you can pass along would help me out quite a bit. Thanks so much.

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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