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Good comb or more bees with a new hive start (package)

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Hi all,

Looking for advice. If I have a package hive that has been slow to start and when they did, they kept getting the comb all wrong by either building off the side of the frame and/or extending the comb size really long to store syrup. This has resulted in parallel frames to be offset, and goofed up. I am just starting out so it was literally a hive with all foundation-less frames and nothing for them to start on as a guide. I was very careful to press the empty frames next to each other, but they still managed to start the comb 'wrong.'

The package is about 10 days old, and the comb that does not contain the syrup and pollen is filled with eggs (finally). The question - do I remove the screwy comb and have them start it over and hope to get it right or let them put a couple frames of brood and get the brood cycle starting and fix the comb later by cycling the frames out out after the new bees mature? I am just worried that if I tear out the comb later there will be new eggs on different parts of the frame as they continue to build and the queen lays more, so it will never be an 'empty' frame to take out and replace.

I have a hive next to it that started on the same day, but has really nice comb and actual larva moving about in royal jelly already. :D

Thank you in advance!
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With the resources you have it would be better to shake or brush the bees off the nice comb and put a few in the not so nice hive to give them a little behavior modification.
That makes sense - but when? Do I do it now or let them get a brood cycle in and phase out the screwy comb with new comb from the other hive?
One good comb leads to another. One bad comb leads to another. If you can get the comb in the frame it will be a "good comb" that leads to more combs parallel to that one. Rubber bands are your friend. Use as many as required. Find a size the goes around the frame. Tie with string if you need to...

The sooner you have one good comb the sooner you will get another...
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