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man im gona miss my girls,gota go way up north on the canadian border to work.prob be up there the rest of the summer and well into winter.when the oilfields call i gota hall.i hate to do the lazy way of beekeeping but i have now choice.ill loadum up with suppers,strapum up,putup an electric fence from the div of wildlife and hope for the best.160 acres allfalfa an irragation ditch,and a locked gate.not much else i can do.thought of loading them up in my toyhauler 5th wheel and tkn them with,but the werkload,employees,would be to much for me and the girls.ill chk on them when i come home to bear hunt in september.and for turkyday.
on the good side,now i can pay for the 40 nucs i reserved for next spring.
gona need another beer to wash down this one.:popcorn:
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