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goldenrod, again

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is goldenrod honey yummy and stinky or yucky and stinky? sarah
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Everyone probably has an opinion, but mine is that it's only stinky while it's being made. I think it tastes and smells fine after it's done.
I would say the flavor is different but good.There will be no doubt when the bees are bringing in golden rod.It is stinky when the bees a drying it down. And gain after that the smell is different but not all that bad when it is extracted.
Yummy is my opinion and yes it has a peculiar smell while the bees are ripening it. You can't miss the smell. It premeditates thru the apiary and gives me a good feeling that the bees are doing well.
I never met a honey I couldn't use. Some just get made into breads or mead instead of being a table honey. I like goldenrod honey.
goldenrod-----not fit for human consumption!!!!
>goldenrod-----not fit for human consumption!!!!

Not even to make wine,man?
I think I speak for the group when I give that a collective

well, i see there are a myriad of opinions on this topic, i cant wait for my bees to start making it so i can form my own!
To quote Branman "groooooan"!!!

Boy oh boy.

Golden Rod seems to crystalize quickly.

The taste is fine and sells.

If you are in an area with bears, the smell of golden rod curing fills the area and travels quite far.

It will pull bears from quite a distance.
oh, on the topic, I'm not a big fan of goldenrod honey...its fine for use in tea/coffee, etc, but stand alone I prefer spring honey
I myself would rather have summer Honey.I do have some customers who want the dark fall honey.I have asked and they use it all kinds of ways.The main reason i do not take off much golden rod is that is what makes sure i have enough winter stors for my bees.Just remeber the bees make honey for them not us, we just trick them into makeing a little extra.

i see they are just starting to work the stinkyrod a touch.
wineman, yes, indeed they are. i've also noticed them all over winged sumac the past week. plus joe pye weed and spotted touch me not. i'm not smelling anything in the hives yet, though. i'm on the lookout!
i smell a touch of stinky fall honey at night. definately not a flow and theres none in the supers but they are starting. give em a week and maybe something will happen.
I don't care what you other beekeepers say, I love golden rod!!!! The smell the taste the final filling of the suppers and the bees get to keep it all.

PS The taste comes from my sampling it on my last inspection before winter.
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Well most of my honey goes into my tea. But I prefer honeys with a strong flavor. That poplar honey was lighter than normal this year and tasted great on bisquit and such butI would not use it in my tea. It's flavor was over powered by the green tea blend I like. It was better than using sugar but not near as good as last falls sample of Goldenrod(I just had to get a taste of honey last year I cut about 1/2 of a frame out). Goldenrod is likely to strong for alot of people to eat on bread products.
The stinky stuff is comeing in pretty fast here.I do take some off but leave most for the bees.the flow is just strating here and going well ,the bees should have plenty for this winter.
i haven't seen any goldenrod around my place in a while , but i found 10 plants at work and im going to put them in my back pasture, and im fixing to plant some dutch white clover , i should be ready for my bees when they get here next spring, then later that year ill judge for my self weather i like goldenrod or not , with all that blooming along with all my fruit trees and everything else blooming like blackberries,honeysuckle, etc. my bees should be as fat as a hog time winter is here , forget the honey let BBQ a bee or 2 lol
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