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Going to eights

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I am going to change my one hive from 10 frames, one deep and one medium to 8 frame mediums. I need to cut out my deep drawn frames and rubber and them into the new frames. Will the bees reattach the wax to the new frames? Do I need to remove the rubber bands at some time?
Because it is spring, will all the brood be in the upper medium and if so can I just move med frames to the 8 box and go foundationless when I add an upper. Could this work as swarm prevention similar to checker boarding? Or like starting a package?
What if there is brood in the lower deep frames?
Thanks for the help
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As far as moving the comb it has been my experience doing cutouts that the bees will seal it in place in the new frames in short order. They'll take care of the rubber bands too, typically booting them out the front door after a few days.
When I converted my deeps to mediums, I used my table saw, put the top of the frame against the fence, cut the side bars and wax to the right size. took one of the of the bottom bars, cut it to length to fit between the side bars, nail, glue it in place. I made sure that one of the sharp edges of the bar was up. The bees attached it to the bottom very quickly. The wax was still attached to the top and both sides.

I did similar to David going deeps to mediums but had some precut bottom bars with nails in predrilled holes. Pulled the frame, marked it and cut the comb with a razor knife and the end bars with a hack saw. Went very quickly although I lost some brood as I turned the frame upside down on the top bar to hammer in my new bottom bars. Did this in 2002 and still have some of those frames although I have replaced the wax on a 5 year cycle. Check out Michael Bush's web site for some more info on going to 8 frame equipment ( )

Good Luck,

Bena, VA
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