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So I just wanted to get a shout out to all the beeks on this site. I have been creeping for some time and say it is the #1 in my book. Ok, my apiary is in north east Texas just about 60 miles east of Dallas. I started with two hives last year and took my first 5 gallons of of one and a half super last week. Still have 2 more left on each hive and some time for the flow. The honey is superb and I used an old hand spinner extractor that says Italy on it given to me by one of my dad's friends that said it was his fathers( thing is probably 60 years old but works!). Honey was light colored and almost spicy some say elderberry flavor I think muscadine. Anyways some questions for the experienced. What could it be? We are surrounded by oak forest and 5000 public land acres and 900 acres of uncut cow pasture with yellow and white flowers for ages.

My hives consist of one deep and two mediums. I added another medium as a super and extracted about 6-8 frames from each hive as all boxes were 90% full to have some space I just ordered some more boxes and will check on them next week. Is this ok mid end of flow? How much honey should I Leave for them?

Secondly I really want to get into the business of making honey. I put an add on craigslist for free bee removal and now have 7 more hives. Some were swarms the size of a softball to a large basketball. I removed one hive from an old log in a hollowed out maple tree and one for under a shed that filled three medium boxes with frame and comb alone. My question is there any tricks to moving them into proper comb on my plasticell? I have been just wiring frames and kinda mashing the old comb into the frame and setting it into the box. For one I just took the lid of the valve box they were in and put it in the box with a couple of frames to support it. Any tricks would be appreciated. Also I went and made some boxes from some scrap I had following directions on here. Not the best carpentry but they hold frames and the top covers are ok. Anyways any help would be appreciated. I'm looking for advice with Texas regulations transferring comb, growing hives etc.

Also I have noticed some of my newbies are sweet bees and you can basically pick them up with your hands. My two biggest hives are angry and will alarm very easily but are gangbusters when it comes to comb production. They are almost black looking too. Is there a way to tell what breed they might bee.

Also took a hive about the size of a small watermelon out of an old gas BBQ grill today. Queen was bright yellow and bees were a dull yellow but very nice not one stinger in the suit. Comb was also newer and a very post it note yellow not that whitish most new comb is. Again please help.
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