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I live in the Houston Texas area where our weather averages low 60's as the highs and 40's as the lows. We get freezing northers occasionally but they last 3-4 days then back to our southerly 15+ breezes and about one or two blue norther that can get into the teens.

I have two hives that I split in mid July and both are doing good both in two deeps each. I went into the boxes and the frames that have been pulled look good with honey, pollen, and brood. The question is the strong hive has 4-5 frames that were not pulled and the weaker hive has 6-7 frames.
What do you do if the bees do not pull these frames? I also have a full med super and one empty.

They are working like crazy and I do feed them with Don's style hive top feeders but guess it is a little late to pull a lot of new comb?

I have time to see but if they do not pull the empties what is the best to do?

Put the empties on the out side or pull them from the box and use follower boards on the east side or not worry? Thought about taking the full super and splitting it half and half for the winter in case it is needed which gives you food but I wonder how the space will do with the cold and make a larger space up to the feeder.

Opinions appreciated. Jim
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