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Getting honey out of cappings in extractor

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Hello , I just got a 9 frame extractor from Brushy Mountain and was trying to make a bag to put the cappings in or anything else that might hold a drop of honey and extract it rather than letting it drip or smash it through a stocking. I saw that they had these bags at B. M. but did not see them until it was to late to add to our order. Has anyone ever done this or made such a thing that might share ideas with me. Thank you ,
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Hello and thank you for your response , My main question is how do you mount them in the extractor , tie them in or would you use the baskets that it came with for use on the deep frames , and i'm sure that I would need atleast 2 bags so I could keep it balanced , I guess.
I just hung mine in a bucket and they drained dry.
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