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Getting a colony out of a brick column.

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How best to extract a colony of bees from a hollow brick column with small entrance and exit holes -- hopefully without doing damage to the column?
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Do a search on "trap outs"
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have the same problem, can't connect a nuc to make it an extension of existing hive. on a hot day they beard big time, so here is what i was thinking of doing, when they beard get my beevac, suck up the little darlings and give them a new home with some honey and brood. the only problem is that you will never get the queen out of the brick wall, unfortunately, so you either have them build a new queen from the brood or get a queen for them already to go. so basically what we have done is weakened the existing hive that is from the wall. now with this time of year is there enough time or just wait til next year and get a jump on it. for me i probably will wait and let them be and will see them next year still thinking about how to execute all this. cheers and happy beekeeping
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