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Being a newbie, I am trying to fully understand the life cycle and situations in the hive. I am using all mediums and plan on using at least 3 boxes for brood, possibly 4. Then I will add a queen excluded and a honey super, maybe in the next week or two. So if I understand things this area for brood should be all the queen needs...... my question is does she continue to lay constantly or is there a time when she is just hanging out waiting for some to hatch so she can have more room? Or is she working constantly?

My other question is about the entrance..... can I take out the little spacer and leave the whole entrance open? I am worried about the heat in the hive. It is going to be 106 here this weekend. I have seen other (pictures) doing this but not sure if it is okay or not.

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I don't use reducers much, but when I do I take them out when the bees can cover the whole width of the hive. So when you have bees almost all of your frames when you open the hive you can take the reducer out. Also when the entrance get plugged and bees have to wait, it is time to take it out.

The queen should never have to wait for brood to hatch. She should be laying until fall when she slows and probably stops. Then she will start again after the solstice and slowly speed up as spring comes.

Leave the excluder off until some bees have moved up into your honey super and have started drawing comb. Then shake them down, or make sure that the queen is below and you can add the excluder under the honey super.
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