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I have a second year hive. The population in it has exploded, every frame is covered with bees drawing out comb but there is very little capped honey above the brood box. There has also been A LOT of bearding lately, maybe a swarm developing? I would expect a lot more bees to be out foraging and less hanging out around the hive. Could the dry weather be causing this? Does any of this seem normal?
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Lot's of bees means that there was a lot of brood to feed. So instead of all that honey being stored, it was used to build comb and raise brood. Hot weather usually means not too much of a flow. That also means not much honey. Not much to do, a hive full of bees and hot weather often brings about bearding. It all sounds pretty normal to me but I'd check for ventilation and space above the brood box. You really don't want it swarming in August.
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