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G'Day from Down Under, somewhere along the 35th parallel

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Retired mainlanders, we moved to Kangaroo Island, off the coast of South Australia, and started beekeeping about 8 years ago. We have under 50 hives on our 250 acre farm.

We don't travel our bees at all; are very respectful of them; don't over-crop, so never have to feed over wet Winters.

We use an old Penders 4 frame extractor, and cold extract on hot days, if that makes sense. Because we are not big producers, we can package boutique products like comb-rich 3kg buckets for our European clients.

We also specialise is cutting off cappings wax for the most discerning and knowledgeable of clients. We sell at local markets and promote the Slow Food aspect of our honey.

Our island's propolis is highly sought after for its skin disease curing properties, and we contribute samples to the Pharmocology Department of a premier University, with pleasing results, which attracts a premium price for our raw propolis. I dabble with the propolis to make tinctures and cremes for personal use only, and wanted to join this site to seek out recipes.

We are too small to worry about formal bio-whatever accreditation: we simply know how 'clean and green' we are, and so do our customers. That's us!
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welcome to beesource!
Oy! Welcome to Bee Source!

Tony P.
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